The most effective and corrective treatment for unwanted tattoos

The Nd:Yag Q-Switched laser is the only effective treatment for removing tattoos and benign pigmented lesions without scarring. During tattoo/ pigment removal photons of light are selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink or pigmentation (melanin). This sudden increase in temperature causes the ink/pigmentation structure to shatter. The body’s own immune system removes the shattered pigment.

How many treatments will I need?
This varies person to person. Amateur tattoos can usually be removed in 3-4 treatments with professional tattoos taking 6-12 treatments. Pigmentation can take anything from 3-8 treatments.

Tattoo Removal PigmentationDoes it hurt?
Tattoo/pigmentation removal is relatively painless. To ensure client comfort we use a “chiller” machine that blows cold air onto the area being treated to ensure no discomfort is felt. There is also the option to use a skin numbing cream prior to treatment.

How often will I need to come for treatment?
Every 4-8 weeks or until the skin is completely healed.

What happens after the tattoo removal treatment?
Directly after treatment there will be some redness, the skin will appear to have white bubbles, and there will be a small amount of swelling. We will apply antiseptic cream and a dressing before you leave the clinic. We advise applying the cream twice per day for the seven days following treatment.

We also advise the following:
• No hot baths or showers – tepid only
• No heat treatments i.e. saunas and steam rooms
• No deodorant, perfumes or scented body lotions/creams
• No swimming or Jacuzzis
• No steam ironing or cooking over boiling saucepans
• Do not scratch, pick or rub the treated area
• Do not wear tight or restrictive clothes over the area treated for 48 hours
• Apply anti-biotic cream twice per day for 7 days

How should I prepare for treatment?
• Do not use products containing retinol or strong AHA fruit acids prior to or during your tattoo removal treatment
• Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water immediately before treatment
• Avoid wearing tight clothing when attending the treatment
• Physical sunblock should be worn at all times on areas visible to sunlight (SPF 30)
• Avoid sun exposure and sun beds for four weeks before treatment
• Do not use fake tanning products for two weeks prior to treatments including spray tanning and tinted moisturisers
• If the tattoo/pigmentation is in a hairy area please shave the day before treatment

How will my tattoo look directly after treatment?
Immediately after treatment your tattoo will look red, raised, swollen with white bubbles where the pigment has been shattered. This can last up to a week and can be followed by bruising. It is extremely important that you follow the after-care advice given by your practitioner.